Our Services

We are able to assist you across the full spectrum of intellectual property services - in some cases in collaboration with other parties such as solicitors, accountants and other business advisers.

A few of the key services which we provide are outlined below.

Patents and Inventions

If your business develops new technology, be it a product or a process, it may be possible to patent it. This will prevent others from commercially exploiting your new technology without your permission. We are able to identify prospects for patent protection, and obtain patents in the UK and abroad on your behalf. We are also able to advise you on whether your competitors might infringe your patents, and similarly whether there is a risk that you might infringe theirs.

Trade Marks and Brands

Your company or product brand may be crucial to the success of your company, particularly in a crowded marketplace where it can be challenging to distinguish the goods or services of one company from those of another. It is therefore crucial to protect your brand against unfair use, or against being tarnished by association with inferior products. We are able to handle the filing and prosecution of your trade marks as well as handle opposition proceedings, revocation and invalidation matters, domain name disputes, trade mark clearance searches and infringement advice.

Design Registration

A design registration can be obtained for a wide variety of different types of design, such as the shape of a product, surface decoration, packaging, artwork or computer icons. A design registration can be used to prevent others from commercially exploiting your designs without your permission. We are able to identify where registered design protection is appropriate, obtain design registrations in the UK and abroad, and advise on matters of infringement.

Other IP Rights

A number of other intellectual property rights and related legal provisions may be significant to your business, such as copyright, unregistered design right, utility models, database rights, semiconductor topography rights, anti-circumvention provisions, “passing off”, confidential information and the like. Which of these are relevant to you will depend very much upon the nature of your business. We are able to advise you on how these intellectual property rights might be relevant to you, and where appropriate to put you into contact with a solicitor with the right expertise to assist you further.

Patent Box

It is possible to reduce your tax burden in relation to profits attributable to a patented product or process. We are able to advise on which of your products or processes may be eligible for such relief, as well as to advise on how you can tailor your innovation and IP portfolio to maximise tax relief. Where appropriate we will work with your accountant, or can recommend an accountant with expertise in this area.

IP Audits and Strategy

We are able to look in detail at your business and how IP may be relevant to it, taking into account the IP rights outlined elsewhere on this page. For example, we can undertake a formal audit of your IP position (in some cases funded by the government) and make recommendations for improving your position. We can also work with you to raise awareness of IP within your company, to look at new ways to commercialise your IP, or to monitor what your competitors are doing.